So As Long As My Heart Is Still Beating

from by Isles



If only I could wake
Into the middle of last week
All of what I am
Selflessly for you to take

If it's not to much to ask
Comfort in my own skin is all I seek

If you're going to leave please just do
Even though that you promised that you wouldn't
Months ago when you were
Crying into the weaves of my sweater

And I know that sometimes it rains
When it clearly shouldn't
And we tear the flowers out of the ground
Just to watch them wilt and die

I was never afraid of ghosts
Before you left
But now I see you everywhere
And it's making it hard

It's making it harder for breathing
It's making it harder for breathing

We had no ending
Neither said goodbye
And for the rest of my life
I will wonder why


from Less Is More, Nothing Is Everything, released June 20, 2016



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Less Is More, Nothing Is Everything

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